Hi there, I'm Linus

I like to build stuff, dive, compete, travel and solve strange problems

I'm a 27 year old developer, student, long distance triathlete and adrenaline junkie from Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm currently doing master of science in algorithms, logic and languages at Chalmers university. Beside school I'm the CEO of Oleander Development AB, founder of Radiofy and co-founder of HProvet. Scroll down for more information.

Project highlights


A digital bridge between ~ 400 radio stations and Spotify


An interactive platform used to studdy for the Swedish SAT

git fame

A command line tool used to generate stats from a git repository


A torrent desktop client for Trakt.tv with live updates from the web

Want more?


I've published some awesome OSS projects over the years. Have a look!


My live feed updated with the latest news.


Take a look at my published ruby gems downloaded over 250k times.

Stack Overflow

I help if I can. Watch my contributions on Stack Overflow.

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