Hi there, I'm Linus

I like to build stuff, dive, compete, travel and solve strange problems

I'm a 28 year old developer, long distance triathlete and adrenaline junkie from Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm the founder of Radiofy and co-founder of HProvet. Scroll down for more information.

Project highlights


A digital bridge between ~ 400 radio stations and Spotify


An interactive platform used to studdy for the Swedish SAT

git fame

A command line tool used to generate stats from a git repository


A torrent desktop client for Trakt.tv with live updates from the web

Want more?


I've published some awesome OSS projects over the years. Have a look!


My live feed updated with the latest news.


Take a look at my published ruby gems downloaded over 250k times.

Stack Overflow

I help if I can. Watch my contributions on Stack Overflow.

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